About Us

            Intro Classes


Intro Classes introduce new members and returning members to the methods of CrossFit.  


In these classes members will be introduced to the class structure, basic movements, and some of the CrossFit terminology.


            CrossFit Classes


At CrossFit Nakxuynix we offer group classes that normally last about 60 minutes.  Classes will include a warm up, strength training, WOD, and recovery portion in most classes depending on time restraints.




CrossFit Nakxuynix will offer one-on-one training as the need arises.  Please contact for further details.


Meet the Coach/Owner:
Name: Joshua Vilcan CF-L2

About me:  I have been doing CrossFit for 4+ years and have been a CF-L1 Trainer since November 2016. I obtained my CF-L2 in 2021.  I fell in love with this sport due to the community and comradery aspects.  It continuously pushes me  and I learn new things about myself daily.  Now my mission is to bring my love and passion to all the people I train.